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  • Deb is a licensed home inspector in the state of Washington. License # 205. She has served on the Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Advisory Board.
  • Deb earned her Master’s degree from Seattle University in Seattle WA.
  • Deb Wenneman was previously a general contractor and a carpenter specializing in remodel construction. Twenty years of construction experience has given her a familiarity with various kind of construction methods found in our older northwest homes, and the problems that can accompany them when not done correctly. Years spent repairing many of the defects commonly found in the course of a home inspection makes Deb an excellent source of information.
  • Previous to starting her carpentry career in 1980, Deb spent two years working as a Chimney Sweep in Seattle, Washington.
  • Deb has served as both the Education Committee Chairman and as Vice President for a local ASHI chapter and has served on the Membership Committee at the national level.
  • Deb has taught classes both for real estate agents to earn their continuing educational credits, and for first time homebuyers to learn how to maintain their new homes once they own them.
  • Deb is educationally certified by Inspection Training Associates, the oldest, and one of the most highly regarded training programs in the country.
  • Deb has built several straw bale homes in New Mexico and Montana to demonstrate an affordable, attractive, and energy efficient construction method. Two of these homes won awards from the Historical Society of Missoula, Montana.

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Deb Wenneman brings over twenty years of remodel and construction experience to your side of the negotiating table. A Dakota Home Inspection report will prepare you to make a confident and informed decision.


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