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Preparing for an inspection if you're buying

You have scheduled your inspection and we appreciate your business.  Please take a few minutes now to prepare for your inspection and do the following.

  • The new Washington State Home Inspection Licensing law requires that an Inspection Agreement must be signed that explains what is and is not covered by the inspection. This must be signed for the inspection to proceed. I would like you to take your time and read the Inspection Agreement before you get to the inspection site and be prepared to sign it at the time of the inspection. Just click on the link. If you have any questions I can answer them before or at the inspection.  
  • Please go to this link and look over the Washington State Standards of Practice.  This explains what the state requires to be covered in a home inspection. Our inspections will exceed these standards.
  • Make a list of any concerns that you may have about the house so you will remember to ask as we navigate through your inspection. Be prepared for issues to arise. The older the home the more this is to be expected. Remember ALL houses have some issues. My job is to help you sort out what is normal, deferred maintenance, needing further evaluation, or big and bad. If you are getting a house at a great price it is likely the furnace, plumbing, electrical and/or appliances may be older.
  • Sometimes an inspection will raise a question that will require further evaluation by a “specialist”, like a structural engineer or a drainage specialist for example.  This is not atypical and the additional inspections should be scheduled as soon as we know they are needed.
  • If your prospective home is over 40 years old it is advisable to schedule a sewer inspection. Damage to a sewer line can be very expensive to repair. Underground sewer lines are not something your home inspector will be able to view and they are not included in a home inspection. The sewer inspector will run a camera through the line to the street and let you know if there is any breakage or obstruction. If you plan ahead this can often be scheduled at the same time as the home inspection.
  • When the inspection is completed your inspector will go over a summary of the findings. You will receive a written report with pictures within 24 hours of the completion of your inspection.

Deb Wenneman brings over twenty years of remodel and construction experience to your side of the negotiating table. A Dakota Home Inspection report will prepare you to make a confident and informed decision.


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