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Home Owner Consultation
Service & Report

This is not a home inspection for the purposes of selling a house. It is an inspection for an existing home owner who is interested in knowing the current condition of their home. A written report is provided listing any found defects or repairs needed to the home at the time of inspection. Also provided in the report are details about work or updates that should be planned for in the future along with recommendations for increasing energy efficiency.  Appliances are not included in this report except for the water heater and furnace because appliances after 5 years can fail at anytime. This is a very useful inspection for someone who is a realist as a home owner, knows that houses need periodic work, looks ahead and wants to plan efficiently for future repairs of their home.  Also ideal for someone planning to retire soon and would like to know what should be repaired or updated before moving onto a fixed income.

Landlord’s Maintenance Report
This is not a home inspection. This inspection is meant to be used by a landlord either between renters or as a regular maintenance inventory. This inspection includes a written survey of the condition of the exterior and interior of the house. Appliances are tested and recommendations will be made about their condition and need for replacement or repair. Any significant damage to materials will be noted and photographed. This inspection does not include entering either the crawlspace or attic. If these areas need inspection consider the Home Owner Consultation Service & Report for the first inspection as a baseline.

Deb Wenneman brings over twenty years of remodel and construction experience to your side of the negotiating table. A Dakota Home Inspection report will prepare you to make a confident and informed decision.


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