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What is a Home Inspection?

All of the major components in your prospective home are inspected for safety hazards and for defects, structural or otherwise, that may affect the value of your home. All readily accessible areas are inspected thoroughly from crawl spaces to the attics.

All inspections performed by Dakota Home Inspections exceed the Standards of Practice of the State of Washington.

Clients are strongly encouraged to attend the inspection. This is your opportunity to ask questions or bring up any concerns you may have. After your inspection is complete I am available by phone to answer any questions. There is no limit or charge for phone consultations.

Most inspections take two to three hours depending on the age and condition of the house.  Clutter, additional buildings, extra baths and kitchens, or multiple attic and crawlspace accesses will increase the length of the inspection.

Dakota Home Inspections, Inc. provides a thorough, professional, and unbiased report. Your report is completed and will be provided to you within 24 hours of completion of the inspection. This allows you and your agent to prepare for negotiations in a timely manner. There is a Summary Section at the end of the report but it is important that you read the entire inspection report and to have a thorough knowledge of any and all defects noted in the report before going into negotiations.

What is inspected:

  • Grounds: Grading, stumps and plantings in relation to the structure, walkways/driveways, retaining walls, and downspout termination.

  • Exterior: Siding, soffits, fascias, doors, windows, trim, and fences/gates.

  • Structure: Foundation, crawl space, dampness or evidence of moisture problems, vapor barrier, proper ventilation, footings, columns, walls, and chimneys.

  • Roof: Structure, roofing materials, flashing, vents/stacks, and skylights.

  • Attic: Insulation, structure, adequate ventilation, evidence of leaks (past or present), and chimney condition.

  • Electrical: Service entrance, main and sub-panels, grounding system, branch circuits, outlets, and GFCI's.

  • Heating: Combustion system, venting, distribution, controls/thermostat, and A/C components.

  • Plumbing: Main supply line as it enters the house, distribution lines, drains/vents/traps, functional flow, and fixtures.

  • Interior: Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, stairs, fireplaces, and the presence of smoke detectors.

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Deb Wenneman brings over twenty years of remodel and construction experience to your side of the negotiating table. A Dakota Home Inspection report will prepare you to make a confident and informed decision.


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